PLL theory - Aria is A

3x13 This is a Dark Ride - This isn’t a big clue but as there are no coincidences in PLL I took Aria writing her name on the train window as Marlene was gving us a clue. Look at the way she writes the ‘A’ and also there wasn’t much point in that scene otherwise. So why else add it in?  

2x22 Father Knows Best - Aria was the last person with Vivian Darkbloom’s coat (confirmed) until we see A wearing it visiting Mona in 2x25 UnmAsked. Also when Aria used Vivian’s coat a random guy mistook her for Vivian.

Promo picture 1 - In this PLL promotional pic we see the murder weapon that was used to kill Alison right beside none other than Aria.

3x18 Dead to Me - This is the latest episode and I find this biggest clue for A being Aria and/or Ezra. Not only does the camera pan out once again to Ezra’s typewriter (also seen in 1x04, 2x01, 2x02 and heaps more) but also to Ezra’s diploma. The typewriter has significance due to the fact that A has sent typewritten letters out. Typewriters are so uncommon nowadays and the only one shown throughout PLL is Ezra’s. This episode shows us how easily Aria has access to his apartment, typewriter and diploma. The diploma was seen in the episode when A took it and placed it in Dr. Sullivan’s office. If Aria can go into Ezra’s apartment whenever she wants, why not just take his diploma and pretend A put it there to throw the other Liars off her scent?

Opening credits - Why is Aria the only one shhing in the opening credits? Perhaps she has something to hide. “Two can keep a secret if one of them is dead” are the lyrics in the theme song. She could be shhhing because she is keeping the secret of who killed Ali.  

2x25 UnmAsked - A lot of other people picked up on the clue that only Aria and Ezra are unmasked in this episode. Another is that Marlene King tweeted that A would be in a black swan dress. She could referring to the dress Melissa was wearing but that would be far too obvious. An earlier Black Swan movie poster was found by a PLL fan which looks exactly like Aria’s dress.

A’s Lair - Is there a reason why Aria’s doll is the only one in a black hoodie? 

2x02 The Goodbye Look - A PLL fan asked Marlene King to give us a clue on who the real A is, all Marlene replied was with “#bigA”. The only character who has been referred to as Big A is Aria. Nonetheless by Mona, a fellow A team member. 

Promo picture 2 - Much like the shovel and shhing in the opening credits, Aria in this picture is the only one wearing shackles around her ankles. I’m not sure why else she would be singled out all the time. Shackles are worn by prisoners. So is this a clue telling us that Aria will be caught out soon? Or that she is imprisoned by her lies? 

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